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SMS Marketing in Sri Lanka - Reach the most possible target market

SMS marketing is the most efficient way to reach target segments in Sri Lanka. It is the practice of sending bulk SMS messages to the selected database expecting some sort of outcome. SMS Marketing campaigns are widely used in Sri Lanka for creating strong brand awareness. As well as it is used to promote new arrivals & offers, election campaigns etc.

Powercampaigner is one of the leading SMS Marketing companies in Sri Lanka. We have well sorted databases covering all segments of the society. We use world best SMS marketing software for the fast delivery. Most reputed organizations are using SMS for their marketing campaigns today. We have completed more than 3600 successful campaigns over 9 years.

About SMS Marketing database in Sri Lanka

We have more than 10 million SMS contacts covering all districts. Also all databases are tested and validated using latest techniques. The contact lists categorized according to various useful fields.  Similarly most contacts are categorized to area, age, education, occupation etc. Only very popular categories are mentioned here. Contact us if you are looking for any specific category. If it is not available, We will research and find it for free or reasonable rate.

Majority of our SMS contacts are Dialog. Also others are Mobitel, Hutch and Airtel respectively. But contact us before starting the campaign.

80Cents for 25000 - 50000 SMS and
70Cents for 50000- 100000 SMS.
(with the senders name)

60Cents for 25000 - 50000 SMS and
50Cents for 50000 - 100000 SMS
(without senders name)


8000/= Send your job vacancy advertisement to 80 000+ Job seekers covering all districts in Sri Lanka.


Contact us for SMS marketing campaigns related to specially selected segments. ( Ex. A/L students, O/L Students, Professionals, etc )

Powercampaigner is the leading email, sms, whatsapp and viber marketing company in Sri Lanka and Maldives.
SMS Marketing in Sri Lanka

Special SMS Marketing Campaign Databases: Professionals ( Separately like Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer etc ) HR People, CSR, Religious, Various industries ( Separately like Garment, Construction, Hospitality fields ). VIPs, Frequent Importers, Exporters, Clubs, Societies ( Separately like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Blood Donors etc). Financially categorized ( Like Credit Card, FD holders according to limit etc), Education Levels (O/L, A/L, Degree, Post graduate etc )

Bulk SMS Campaign in Sri Lanka with Sender Name – English

A sender name is a unique name that shows in the “from” field of a SMS instead of a number. As an example you can consider a promotional SMS massage received from “Pitzahut”. But SMS sender name limited to 11 characters. A GSM network provider takes about 10 – 14 days for activating a sender name. Also we can use 128 characters for a SMS marketing message. But long SMS marketing message will be 240 characters maximum. Sender name of a promotional SMS campaign used to reflect the brand. That means every one can identify that the message coming from you. And it is easy to remember. But in some cases they delete it without reading.

Bulk SMS Campaign in Sri Lanka without Sender Name.

SMS marketing campaign will be delivered without sender’s name. So it is just like a regular SMS message received from a unknown number. SMS database can be selected according to your requirement. Also you can provide us your own database if you wish. You can use maximum 138 characters for a bulk SMS marketing campaign. But long SMS supports 220 characters. Cost of a long SMS message will be double the rate.Usual open rate of a SMS marketing campaign will be higher than a SMS campaign with sender name. Usually it is more than 92% in Sri Lanka.

Very Important – Please read this first.

We can not assure or responsible for the response you will receive after the SMS Marketing campaign. It is totally depending on the delivery time and the contents of your advertisement. But we can provide GSM report after 72 hours. As well as the SMS campaign delivery report includes numbers of deliveries and returns.

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