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Email, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing Solutions for your Business

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of advertising on digital channels. Similarly it includes email, WhatsApp, Google, social media, and web-based advertising. Also SMS and multimedia messages as a marketing channel. Powercampaigner is one of the largest digital marketing services in Sri Lanka and Maldives. So our services are based on Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and WhatsApp marketing solutions.

Our Databases

We have carefully categorized databases in relevant platforms. It means that you can get the best collection of contacts form us. Specially for Email marketing, SMS or WhatsApp marketing in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Also we help you to select the best marketing platform for your requirement. And we suggest best contents, most suitable designs, delivery time and target database. Subsequently any type of product or service can reach the highest position with us.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most popular digital advertising concept in both Sri Lanka and Maldives. Similarly you can reach more people spending less amount for email marketing. Also have very carefully collected email marketing databases. It is the secret behind the effective email marketing campaign.

Bulk email marketing campaign

A bulk email marketing campaign can make a big change of a marketing plan. It brings amazing results within a very short period. Sending a bulk email is not a simple work. But Powercampaigner will make it very easy for you. We have the world best software and infrastructures. It helps to do a successful email marketing campaign. So we have proved it with 93%+ productive email campaigns over 17 years. Similarly we have more than 1200 recurrent customers.

Email Marketing In Sri Lanka +

Email Marketing in Maldives

SMS Marketing

Powercampaigner is one of the leading SMS Marketing companies in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Our experience in SMS marketing industry is more than 12 years. Also we have very carefully categorized database covering all possible sectors. SMS databases are segmented as age, area, income and etc. We have completed many successful bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Some of them are sales promotion, election campaign, event promotion.

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns

SMS marketing is the fastest way to stay connect with your customers. Importantly use of SMS for marketing is rapidly increasing. Also it brings more results for a small cost. We do free SMS marketing campaigns for any true CSR project. Further contact us to get the best quote for your SMS marketing requirement.

SMS Marketing in Sri Lanka

SMS Marketing in Maldives

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing services is the newest addition to set of modern marketing tools. Powercampaigner is the technical partner for WhatsApp Marketing service in Sri Lanka and Maldives. WhatsApp marketing is very fast and reliable. So use of WhatsApp Marketing for their marketing requirements is increasing daily.

WhatsApp Marketing Software

We have latest technology to handle any kind of WhatsApp Marketing campaign in Sri Lanka or Maldives. Also we have very reliable and tested databases. Advertising on WhatsApp is the most reliable target marketing tool. As a result of you can find your target customers easy. We have completed more than 5000 successful advertisement in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

WhatsApp Marketing in Sri Lanka

WhatsApp Marketing in Maldives

Viber Marketing

Powercampaigner is one of the leading Viber marketing company in Sri Lanka.


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We study and find the most suitable concept for your advertisement on Email, SMS, WhatsApp or web.


Create and develop your advertisement and finalize what is the best suitable for your needs.


We deliver your solution in Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Web or any other digital platform.

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Email, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing in Sri Lanka and Maldives